Mind the Gap Webinar Series: Methods for Understanding and Addressing Stigma to Prevent Common Risk Factors for Disease

In this webinar, Dr. Valerie Earnshaw provides a cross-cutting conceptual overview of stigma, identifies targets for stigma measurement, recommends methodological approaches for stigma research, and reviews the intervention toolkit to address stigma.

What do we know about HIV stigma and right-based prevention?

Stigma undermines effective HIV prevention and treatment: this is universally acknowledged. But what can be done to reduce stigma and its impact on HIV infection? To answer this question, Dr Anne Stangl presents two systematic reviews of the evidence on:

  • Interventions to reduce stigma
  • Human rights-based interventions to prevent HIV

HIV Stigma: Let’s Challenge It (TEDx Talk)

How do social and structural contexts affect HIV? Dr. Carmen Logie’s work explores the impact of these factors on HIV risk and resilience and how we can influence these contexts to prevent HIV infection.

Everybody Hates Me: Let’s Talk About Stigma Podcast

This podcast invites a range of weekly guests to talk about all different kinds of stigma. Why does it matter? What does it look like? What can we do about it?