The Achieving Together plan and movement reflect the ideas, recommendations, and guidance of the Texas HIV Syndicate and Achieving Together Partners, as well as statewide community engagement efforts with people impacted by HIV, people living with HIV, clinicians, and researchers. The Texas HIV Syndicate is the Texas integrated HIV prevention and care planning group. The Texas HIV Syndicate includes representation from people living with HIV, community stakeholders, and HIV prevention and care organizational leaders.

Texas Has a Clear Vision

Texas will become a state where HIV is rare, and every person will have access to high-quality prevention, care, and treatment regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socio-economic status.

Ending HIV as an epidemic is about supporting people who are living with HIV and preventing others from getting it.


Bridging tools, technology, people and passion.

We must combine strategies. We must go beyond the focus on individual behavior to actions that will influence systems, communities, and social norms.

We must adapt systems and structures to make it easier for all people to access the HIV prevention, care, and treatment they need in order to thrive.