Address Mental Health & Substance Use Focus Area


Addressing mental health, substance use disorders, criminal justice, and housing is essential to creating supportive and stable environments in which people can achieve their health and wellness goals.

We aspire to…

    • Recognize and understand the intersections of mental health, substance use, housing, and criminal justice and the impact these have on people’s ability to access HIV services.
    • Increase access to mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.
    • Create access to housing opportunities for people living with HIV, especially those who have been incarcerated.
    • Remove policies that perpetuate stigma and limit access for people with mental health and substance use disorders or who have been incarcerated.
    • Address the impact of mass incarceration on racial and economic disparities that contribute to the HIV epidemic.
    • Address the barriers to HIV prevention, care, and treatment created by the fear
      of deportation and by the inadequate services offered in immigration detention centers.
  • Create a seamless flow of HIV prevention, treatment, and care services for
    people who transition in and out of the criminal justice system.

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