Cultivate a Stigma-Free Climate Focus Area


Addressing the language, messages, and story around HIV, sexual health, mental health, substance use, ethnicity, and race will help to create a safe, life-affirming environment that will promote health and wellness for all people. Normalizing HIV testing, prevention, care, and treatment within the healthcare system will help change perceptions and beliefs.

Group with arms around each other
We aspire to… 

Recognize that language evolves over time and create shared language that
promotes appreciation and inclusion of all people.

  • Offer messages that promote overall health and wellness without stigma
    attached to mental health, substance use, and sexuality.
  • Understand and educate communities about the impact the intersectionality of race, sex, and gender has on health and wellness.
  • Create opportunities for conversations about healthy sexuality.
  • Normalize HIV testing into all clinical and non-clinical settings by making it routine.
  • Incorporate HIV treatment and care into primary medical care.

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What support would help you?
And how can you support others?

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