Stigma Campaigns & Sample Materials

CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together Campaign
The Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign (formerly known as Act Against AIDS) includes resources and partnerships aimed at stopping HIV stigma and promoting HIV testing, prevention, and treatment.

CDC’s Video Stories about HIV Stigma

CDC’s What Organizations Can Do to Help Stop Stigma
Includes free downloadable campaign materials and sample social media posts.

A Day with HIV
A Day with HIV is an anti-stigma photo campaign of Positively Aware magazine. A Day with HIV captures 24 hours in the lives of people affected by stigma. The social media-driven campaign, now in its tenth year, is an opportunity for people to share a moment of their day and tell their story, while breaking down the barriers that stigma creates and raising awareness about HIV.

Orange County’s HIV It’s a Human Thing
The HIV IT’S A HUMAN THING campaign was developed to address HIV stigma in Orange County. This campaign reminds Orange County residents to learn the facts, talk to others about HIV testing, prevention, and treatment.