The Cliff of Good Health

Achieving Together partners believe that all people should have the opportunity for good health. That’s why equity is one of our guiding principles.

Achieving Together aims to reduce health disparities and connect people to high quality prevention, care, and treatment. In order to make an impact, we need to address the underlying systems that prevent some people from having the same opportunities to achieve optimal health.  

Watch and share this video by Dr. Camara Phillis Jones and The Urban Institute. In it, she uses the Cliff of Good Health as an analogy to explore the social determinants of health and equity issues that protect some people and push others off the cliff.

Dr. Camara Jones Explains the Cliff of Good Health

In what ways does racism and discrimination affect us all?

Are there systemic barriers that YOU see in your sphere of influence?

What’s one thing you can do can begin to address that will improve access for all?

How can we create an environment where communities aren’t pushed toward the cliff?

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