A Quick Look at Strategies Helping Us End the Epidemic

Can you explain how we’re going to end the HIV epidemic in 4 minutes? In this short (roughly 4 minute) video Philip A. Chan explores the preventive strategies helping us tackle HIV and the possibility of ending the epidemic. 

(Click here to see video if it doesn’t appear in your browser.)

Antiviral medications work in a couple different ways. Some keep HIV out of immune cells, and others work to stop the virus itself from replicating. When HIV is effectively treated with antiretrovirals, many people living with HIV can lead healthy lives. Another advantage of antiretroviral treatment is that people’s viral levels become undetectable and they do not transmit HIV to others. In people living with HIV, antiretroviral medications can dramatically reduce HIV transmission. This is called “Treatment as Prevention.” Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, also uses antiretroviral medication preventatively in people who don’t have HIV.

One of Achieving Together’s focus areas is to promote the continuum of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. Medical advances, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and other antiretroviral medications, change the way we think about HIV prevention and treatment. The continuum of prevention, care, and treatment starts with awareness and continues with testing and systems of care that are in place to promote these interventions. We aspire to integrate the prevention and care continuum through a status neutral lens, meaning care should happen regardless of status.

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