One Provider’s Perspective on Transgender Healthcare

In 2015, Parkland Health & Hospital System opened a clinic to meet the growing need for comprehensive and affirming medical care for the transgender community. In five years, the Parkland Transgender Health Clinic has grown to serve more than 500 patients. The clinic currently operates one day a week in three locations. They provide behavioral health care, primary health care, and hormonal treatments.

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Talking with Carter Brown about National Transgender HIV Testing Day

Carter Brown

National Transgender HIV Testing Day is observed each year on April 18. It’s an opportunity to focus on HIV testing, prevention, and treatment among transgender people. It encourages local testing events and testing campaigns to increase HIV status awareness in transgender populations.

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You Are Not Alone

By John Poole, Achieving Together Partner

I am a 29 year-old, black, gay man who has been living with HIV for four years. My community is a drastic part of the epidemic. Even with the adoption of PrEP, the U=U campaign and Treatment as Prevention, there are still so many hang-ups and so much “HIV- phobia” going on. Even in a world where we have managed to decrease the risk of transmission to almost 0%, we still have to battle stigma to this day.

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