Equal Housing Access Saves Trans Lives

Addressing the real-world environments that people live in and working together to create supportive, stable and stigma-free communities in which people can achieve their health and wellness goals is how we will end the HIV epidemic in Texas.

This post was originally published on safeaustin.org on July 12, 2019, and is being re-posted with permission.  This post was written to address proposed rules changes by Department of Housing and Urban Development made public in May of 2019.  More information about those rule changes can be found at the end of the blog.

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Redemption after 25 Years of Chemsex and Injecting Meth

I want to share the fact that something that was such a negative and shaming and destructive force in my life, has been turned around into something that’s sweet and helpful. I want to share just how desperately alone and isolated people who inject drugs are and how we’re stigmatized even amongst drug culture.

David Duffield
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