BeYOUtiful Health & Hair Show

On Sunday, September 8th, the Texas Black Women’s Health Initiative in Houston (Houston BWHI) hosted a health and hair show: the 2019 beYOUtiful Health & Hair Show. This show worked to increase awareness of the factors contributing to disparities in HIV outcomes for Black women.

The beYOUtiful Health & Hair show featured panel discussions on health, love, and life. Over 250 participants were able to be a part of courageous conversations on health. Participants were introduced to ways they can embrace self-love and self-care and given messages to help them realize their self-worth. The beYOUtiful Health & Hair show featured an all-female barber battle, a vendor expo, and a hair and fashion show.

Watch this three-minute video to learn more:

Cultivating a stigma-free climate of appreciation and inclusion is one of Achieving Together’s focus areas. By addressing the language, messages, and story around HIV, we aim to create a safe, life-affirming environment that will promote health and wellness for all people.

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