Data Literacy Video Series

One of the tools that’s going to help us end the HIV epidemic in Texas is using data-based decision making as we move forward with making innovations and systemic changes around the state. Understanding and knowing how to collect and analyze different types of data will help us understand what changes we need to make. To do that, we all need to better understand data, how to use it and how to talk about it with our communities. In order to support communities, we are excited to announce our new Data Literacy video series! This video series will include brief overviews of everything you need to be a data superhero!

Our first three videos are up and will help you 1) understand why data matters and what we can do with it; 2) where we get all of our HIV data in Texas, and 3) what the HIV treatment cascade is, and some of the ways we can use it.

We will be releasing more videos in this series throughout the year – if you have suggestions on what you would like to see in our Data Literacy series let us know!

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