Dallas Is on the Fast Track

Congratulations to Dallas as they join a growing number of communities across Texas in becoming a Fast-Track City! As part of the Fast-Track Cities movement, communities commit to ending the global HIV epidemic by:

1. Attaining 90-90-90 targets

  • Ensure that at least 90% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) know their status
    • Improve access to ART for PLHIV to 90%
    • Increase to 90% the proportion of PLHIV on ART with undetectable viral load

2. Increasing utilization of combination HIV prevention services

3. Reducing to zero the negative impact of stigma and discrimination

4. Establishing a common, web-based platform to allow for real-time monitoring of progress

These goals align with the Achieving Together Goals.

Austin, Houston, and San Antonio have been working locally to end the HIV epidemic in their communities. They share their perspectives and enthusiasm for the importance of being part of the local, state, national, and global movement.

END HIV Houston

Crystal Townsend, Steven Vargas, and a team from END HIV Houston welcome Dallas and remind us that “federal and state plans have broad, overarching goals. In our local area, we have to translate into something that makes sense for us.” #endhivhou

Austin Fast-Track Cities Consortium

The Austin FTC Consortium is meeting this month to advance efforts in HIV prevention, testing and rapid linkage, retention, reengagement and viral suppression and ending stigma. We are busy developing a seamless linkage system that allows people across Austin to be linked to care within 72 hours. We welcome Dallas as the newest Fast-Track City and look forward to collaboration and shared learning and progress. @austinftc #austinftc #endHIV

San Antonio End Stigma End HIV Alliance

Rhonda Andrew from the San Antonio Ryan White program says she believes being part of the ending the HIV epidemic movement is important because: 1) it shows a commitment to progress, 2) it empowers and encourages communities to end stigma around HIV, and 3) it brings hope that ending the HIV epidemic is possible.

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