Exploring the Achieving Together Website

There is a lot of information available on the Achieving Together website. This week, we will take you on a tour of part of the site and, hopefully, introduce some resources that might be helpful to you in your own work towards ending the HIV epidemic.

The Achieving Together Plan is at the heart of the Achieving Together movement. You can download and print your own copies of the plan, Executive Summary, or 2-Page Summary in English or Spanish.

You may recognize the framework below, which illustrates the key components of the Achieving Together Plan.

Achieving Together Plan framework

You can learn more on the website about the plan’s goals and guiding principles.

You can also learn more about each focus area:

On the Online Resources page, you can access external links related to each focus area.

You can learn more about HIV in Texas on our Overview of HIV in Texas and HIV by Region Interactive Data Map pages.

If you want to use the Achieving Together logo on your website or marketing materials, you can download it in English or Spanish from the Achieving Together Branding page.

What other resources would you like to see on the Achieving Together website?

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