A Short History of Trans People’s Long Fight for Equality

Samy Nour Younes is a trans actor and activist who seeks to highlight the diversity of the transgender experience. In doing so, he calls attention not only to the struggles of the transgender community, but also to the triumphs. Watch his six-minute TED talk, A Short History of Trans People’s Long Fight for Equality:

Video from www.ted.com

From the TED talk:

…whenever people ask me why trans people are suddenly everywhere, I just want to tell them that we’ve been here. These stories have to be told, along with the countless others that have been buried by time. Not only were our lives not celebrated, but our struggles have been forgotten and, yeah, to some people, that makes trans issues seem new. Today, I meet a lot of people who think that our movement is just a phase that will pass, but I also hear well-intentioned allies telling us all to be patient, because our movement is ‘still new.’ Imagine how the conversation would shift if we acknowledge just how long trans people have been demanding equality. 

Samy Nour Younes

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