World AIDS Day 2019

World AIDS Day began in 1988 to draw attention to the HIV crisis ravaging communities across the globe.  Since its beginning, it has served as a time to pause and remember the devastating impact that HIV has had on communities and families.  As we collectively envision an end to HIV, and as we work to bring that vision to reality, we must also pause to remember the history and lives that have brought us to this time.  The possibilities that we see now are only because of the tireless work of so many activists, communities, and individuals who gave everything in the hope that one day this would be over. 

This World AIDS Day, as we continue to work toward an end to HIV, we remember those friends, colleagues, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and partners that we have lost.

As the theme of this year’s US Conference on AIDS so rightly stated, we are “ending the epidemic in their memory.”

World AIDS Day activities are occurring across the state.  What are you doing in your community to remember those who carried us to this possibility? 

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