International Transgender Day of Visibility

The International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an annual holiday celebrated around the world. This day is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender non-conforming people, while raising awareness of the work that is still needed to save trans lives. We were inspired by this great list of 10 Things You Can Do for Transgender Day of Visibility compiled by the Trans Student Education Resources group and wanted to add some Texas specific things you can do to lift up and support trans voices today!

  1. Support a local trans organization! The Texas Transgender Alliance has been working on a statewide resource guide for transgender folks in Texas ( Go to the link to find your local trans organizations, and to find out more about what they do and how you can support them!
  2. Read about the experiences of transgender people in Texas! The 2015 US Transgender Survey is the largest national survey of trans people living in the US. We put together some highlights from the Texas report here.
  3. Learn about transgender people living with HIV in Texas! Transgender people are a priority population in Achieving Together – find out more about transgender Texans living with HIV here.
  4. Learn how community agencies can support transgender people! Go here to find some quick tips on what service providers and other organizations can do to make their programs and agencies better for transgender people
  5. Support transgender people in immigration detention by demanding their release! Especially in light of the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19, Achieving Together supports the Detention Watch Network’s call to the US government to release all people in immigration detention now. Find out more about this issue here and find out other ways to support transgender immigrants in detention in Texas by following and supporting RAICES, a refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services based out of San Antonio, and  Diversidad Sin Fronteras Texas, a volunteer collective supporting asylum-seeking trans women in detention in Pearsall, TX.

Tell us in the comments what you’re doing to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility!

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